What is Xtreme Unity? 

Xtreme Unity was created to make a difference and change the lives of our future generations! At Xtreme Unity, their mission is to motivate and encourage the youth to live a healthy and active lifestyle. They provide opportunities for fun physical activities for the children, in hope to inspire an early love of sports and fitenss that will serve as the foundation for a healthy way of living. With various programs and dedicated coaches and trainers, Xtreme Unity provides the framework to help children build positive relationships, self confidence, independence and the ability to deal with adversity. 

Xtreme Unity's number one goal is to MAKE FITNESS FUN! Xtreme Unity wants to inspire kids to lead a healthy, active life and hope that through early exposure to fitness, their programs will help children develop a love of fitness that translates into healthy choices as they grow. 

By teaching children at a young age that fitness can be fun, and allowing them to enjoy benefits associated with Xtreme Unity's progrmas - such as making healthy choices, achieving and maintaining high academic standards, and experiencing team-building and leadership roles - Xtreme Unity hopes to raise the trajectory of these children's lives and see them become healthy, successful, and compassionate teenagers and adults.