Mission Statement

Xtreme Unity's mission is to motivate and encourage the youth to live a healthy and active lifestyle. The organization increases opportunities for fun physical activities for the children, in hope to inspire an early love of sports and fitness that will serve as the foundtaion for a healthy way of living.  


Xtreme Unity's Vision

Xtreme Unity is a 501c3 not for profit organization that is a catalyst for joing community building efforts that promote healthy eating, active living, and policy, systems and environmental change. Xtreme Unity sets out to accomplish this through 4 goals:

1.) Provide programs that teach children in the community, especially at risk children, how to live a healthy lifestyle through physical activities that are fun. 
2.) Teach children the importance of proper nutrition through interactive cooking workshops and creative nutritional education. 
3.) Help children develop self-esteem and confidence through group activites that promote teamworka nd leadership. 
4.) Promote the benefits of proper nutritional and physical choices to help live a healthier and happier life.